Podcast Graphics

Podcast Graphics

When creating the podcast graphics, I wanted to make sure the title of the series could be easily spotted and read, and I wanted to make sure the background picture related to what we were doing with these podcasts. Keeping these in mind,  I played around on  canva, and these are some of the graphics that I created.

For this first graphic, I chose this background because it elicited a sense of planning and research which is ultimately what we are going to do with these podcasts. It includes both a laptop and a notebook which I thought were related objects to the theme of the podcast series. Also a small description was added in the notebook to make it seem as if it were written with the pen.

For the second graphic, I chose a typewriter background. Since our podcasts are comparing old and new media, I though this was a good depiction of the contrast, old typewriter vs the blatant title MEDIA NOUVEAU.


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