For this sketch assignment, I combined a hair dryer and an image of colorful smoke. When l was scrolling through Stephen Mcmennamy’s Instagram, I was amazed at how seamlessly the artist combined two completely different objects that were so unrelated. Thus for this project, I tried to emulate the same effect. Usually hair dryers are used to dry people’s hair after a shower, and it produces cold/hot air. However in my picture, the hair dryer is producing colorful smoke.

The most challenging part of this project was finding two pictures that had the same background so that when the two photos were combined, the final product would be a seamless blend of the two. The easiest background to combine was a white background, so while looking through flickr, I found the hair dryer and colored smoke. Also, I thought the smoke fit in nicely with the opening hole of the hair dryer. I used pixlr to combine the two photos.

The final product portrays a creative invention that does not truly exist but simply shows a twist to a regular hairdryer.

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