Begin Again Montage

Begin Again Montage

For the movie montage project, I chose the movie Begin Again. In this movie, a record label executive, Dan Mulligan, is fired from his own label, and he struggles to find inspiration and an artist he truly believes in among all of the over produced, styleless singers he sees in this modern age. On a hopeless night he encounters a woman named Gretta James at a pub singing an original song. Dan Mulligan is struck by her originality and her presence when singing. Together they produce their own album around public locations in New York City without the restrictions of a record label.

While doing this sketch assignment, I realized how impactful one picture frame could be in recalling the specific scene from the movie. In recalling the scene in my head, I also am reminded of the emotions I felt while watching that specific scene, so I found it enjoyable going through the frames in my file. Looking at the montage as a whole, there are a lot of black and white colors which I found reflective of the movie because the most frequented places were dark bars, dark concert venues, the white record label office, the streets of New York at night, and the grayish tone outdoor venues for the song recordings. Looking at the montage does direct my mind to think of the macro ideas that surround this movie. For example, I look at this montage, and I think of how it is a musical comedy drama genre, and I think of the general plot of the story. While thinking of the plot, I am reminded of the OSTs that accompany the movie throughout and also of the prevalent emotions of hopelessness and hopefulness that the movie conveys.  Making a montage out of movie frames is an interesting way to organize and recall macro-related thoughts about the film and plot lines into one big picture. It would be neat to make movie montages for favorite films and to look through all of them and organize thoughts in your head.

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