For my avatar, I combined two images I found through creative commons. The back ground of my picture is a night photo of the Atlanta skyline. I chose this as my background picture because I have lived in the Atlanta area for the past 16 years, and I currently attend Emory University which is located in Atlanta. I have dear memories of piedmont park, the Marquis Hotel, the Georgia Aquarium,  Coca-Cola World, and the Centennial park. Though this locations are major local attractions, these places are part of my childhood and what I grew up with. Also, I felt as if this image meshed well with the class topic of new media writing because the city is representative of progress and advancement. The second photo I chose was a fingerprint of the South Korean flag. I was originally born in South Korea, and though I have spent most of my life here in America, I have always practiced Korean culture. This includes speaking the language, eating the food, and celebrating the different holidays. My favorite Korean foods include tofu soup, dumpling soup, and soondae (blood sausage). I love my Korean culture, and I plan to implement it throughout the rest of my life. Thus through combining both photos, I created an image that was representative of my identity.

To edit the images, I used pixlr. I found it a little difficult to use at first because I have never used this program before, and there were many icons and options that I was not familiar with. It is a program that I would need more time and practice in.


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